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Capricorn: The Pressure Creates the Pearl

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I feel like I’m surrounded by a LOT of Capricorn energy atm, both in my relationships & in readings I’ve been doing, so I figured I’d do a little writing about the Capricorn energy...

The Zodiac is symbolic of an entire life cycle. Capricorn is the point in the cycle where the protagonist says, “Alright. I’ve learned my lessons. I’ve died in Scorpio, and come back to life in Sagittarius. I’ve traveled, both to the depths of my soul and to the far-reaching corners of the world. I’ve played and adventured and explored. I have gained insights about myself, and about the world. I have all this knowledge from experience. Now it’s time to DO something with it.”

Capricorn’s are a cardinal sign, meaning their energy is “take-charge” in nature. Cardinal signs initiate. They ignite projects and passion. Combined with the fact that Capricorn is an Earth sign, this manifests as a desire to build something tangible. Something effective, efficient, and organized. They’re serious about creating, because they have the skill to assemble something impressive, and the wisdom to back it up.

And that is exactly why Capricorn energy can sometimes feel really heavy for a young person to bear. When someone’s soul is imprinted with a TON of Capricorn energy, there may exist a deep-rooted ambition in their soul to create something important. But having only lived a certain amount of years as a human....perhaps the experience of life that is necessary to show them WHAT they are here to build, hasn’t happened quite yet. So there’s this innate drive to achieve something, coupled with an uncertainty about what their mission is, that I think comes from just being young in age. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of maturity, elderly wisdom, and time. Youth can feel uncomfortable when that’s your ruling planet.

To all my Capricorn’s out there, whether it’s your sun sign, or you have a lot of Capricorn in your chart.....know that your energy is valid. Know that you are here to build something GREAT and impressive. Know that you’re not thinking too much or being too big or desiring something that’s not possible. That big thing you feel called to do? To accomplish with your life?

It will happen. It will come. It's literally in your DNA. For now, in your younger years, relax into your creativity. Settle into your inner child and explore the things that bring you joy. Those things are inherently tied to whatever it is you will build or accomplish. You are a mastermind, Capricorn.

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