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March 21st, 2020: Saturn moves into Aquarius

"Well, well, well.....what do we have here?" Father Time whispers, convening with this star children, strategizing. The stars buzz and vibrate with excitement: "FINALLY." Their time has come to shine light into the holes of the ancient pillars upon which our globe, economy, culture, and infrastructure collectively rests. Those old, creaky, deteriorating pillars that the stars of Aquarius have been begging Father Time to let them blast for ages now. The pillars leftover from the long-gone Piscean Age. For this is Aquarius Age. And Saturn, our Father Time, has come home to Aquarius to convene with his children, and assess what must be built anew.

He took his sweet time, as he always does. He left home to work, as fathers do. Saturn made his rounds through the skies, the eternal taskmaster punched into the time clock that is the perpetual orbit of our solar system. It didn't feel like a long time to him. But to his kin, the Aquarian stars, it was a lifetime. And Saturn returns home to find them all waiting by the door, falling over themselves, each hoping to be the first to greet him. Slowly and evenly, he enters. While his kin dance around him, he holds his posture steady and unyielding.

"Alright," he finally says with a great smile, eyes framed in deep lines but shining with excitement. Exhausted yet industrious, all at once. "Alright children...tell me what you see."

Saturn has moved into the sign of Aquarius. He will remains there until May 10th, when we begins retrograding back into Capricorn until December 2020, and then finally station direct in Aquarius until 2023.

Interesting that during Saturn's peek-a-boo transit into the revolutionary sign of Aquarius, our entire global infrastructure has effectively shuddered and halted due to a virus. Causing humanity to distance, detach, and convert most of our transactions to cyberspace. To me, this is the stuff that Aquarian dreams are made of. A complete disruption to the established order, prompting a re-working and rewiring of the systems in place. It's not always pretty or neat, but Saturn as Aquarius' ruling planet reminds us that there is purpose to chaos, and chaos is sometimes necessary to get things done.

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