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Sun in Aquarius Natives: Hey, the Sunshine!

Oh Sun in Aquarius natives, you rainbow children of Sky and Sun!

Aquarius is the water-bearer in Astrology, but not to be confused as a Water sign.

Aquarius is very much an Air sign - with minds full of brilliance, and electric downloads from the future. They are not the water they bear, but rather the person holding the vase, pouring hydration down upon humanity in the form of ideas and visions. From this analogy, we can see the "detachment" that is often associated with Aquarius. Yes, Aquarius does get a rep for being detached, and they can be sometimes, from their own emotions and those of others.

It's important to understand why, though. In order to help society in the way Aquarius was programmed terms of technological and humanitarian advancement...they must, in turn, view humanity from a distance, objectively. And they are quite good at it.

It's not personal! I often describe Aquarius as the scientist looking down upon humanity as if it were an experiment, wiggling their finger at us down below, saying, "Aw, humans! Aren't they cute! They try so hard."

In this way, I like to think of Aquarius as a little extraterrestrial. They are humans, but a little ahead of their time. Which is why they seem "out there," weird, and eccentric. They are operating on a paradigm that is yet to be the norm. And once it becomes the norm, they will be onto the next one.

Because that's what they are here to do - show us the way to the future.

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