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Venus in Aries: 02-07-20

Today, the planet of love and pleasure enters the bold sign of Aries!

Aries is - paradoxically - the sign of the child, and the warrior. This is because, as the first sign of the zodiac, they have a fearless, newborn spirit. Aries displays little fear of the world, and set out bravely to conquer whatever they set their mind and heart to. Like a child who has yet to learn the concept of "other"- other people, other feelings, other opinions - Aries are self-interested and self-absorbed. We say this with the utmost love and respect, of course!

Aries' motto is "I am," and we can all learn something from their brashness. Aries says to the world - "I am because I am. I have nothing to prove to anyone. It is by simply existing that I prove myself. By breathing and taking up space, I prove my worthiness of being here." It's that simple.

While Venus is in Aries, we have the opportunity to return to our own "I am" state of being. I invite you to derive comfort from the simple act of existence, and movement of your own body. I invite you to remember, like Aries, that your worthiness of being here on Earth is tied to the simple fact that you ARE here. Breathe using the mantra "I am." Inhale: "I" and exhale: "am."

Know that this time is about you, and what the warrior inside of you came to Earth to accomplish. Channel him or her. What are you a warrior for in this lifetime? Remember that children don't know what other people want or expect from them, because they don't have a full concept of it yet. A similar notion is true of warrior. They cannot care what the opposing side, person, or force wants, because their purpose is to fight for their cause. This spirit can be channelled within, when self-doubt or worries of what other people want and expect from you creep in as you forge your own path.

Be brave, be fearless. While Venus is in Aries, return to your "I am" and make sure to revel in it.

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