Hi there! My name is Andrea Lee Mason.

I am a self-taught astrologer, resin artist, musician, and practicing yogi. I am also Reiki level 1/2 certified.  I have a BS in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, & Design and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Rhode Island (URI).  Both help inform my style of artwork and outlook on life. To learn more about my outlook, please watch the Tedx Talk I gave while at URI, where I synthesized my two fields of study - philosophy and fashion - to depict how we are all essentially woven from the same fabric!  

For all of my resin artwork, I use flowers and leaves that are hand-picked from local farms, gardens of friends and family, or foraged on adventures out in nature.  It's really important to me to that I am connected to the elements of each piece of artwork in an intimate and ethical way.  I believe this creates a more beautiful piece for you, and adds something of real beauty and value to the world.  I purchase ethically-sourced crystals from local retailers, and also strive to purchase all of my tools/supplies from small, local businesses and retailers. I use Naked Fusion Resin, a brand/company located here in the US. Their resin is extremely clean and free of VOC's (volatile organic compounds), and I'm super proud to use their product!

I am highly intuitive, which helps me tune into clients' energy and feelings during readings. I have been studying Western astrology for over 10 years from various teachers, books and life experiences.  The focus of my readings are primarily to help clients understand themselves more deeply, and then use that enhanced awareness to gain clarity around soul and life purpose.  It's incredibly fulfilling, and I love holding space for you to explore your inner workings, dreams and desires.  For more information on readings, please click "Services" under "Shop" in the menu above, or email me at with any questions.

I often co-host cacao ceremonies and sound healing ceremonies with my friends and amazing RI community. Due to COVID, we have suspended hosting most in-person events for the time-being. However, please be sure to follow me on Instagram (@andrealeemason) for updates on these events!  


I currently live in the woods of Smithfield, Rhode Island with my family.  I spends most of my time creating art, pressing flowers, practicing guitar and singing, doing yoga, going for hikes, spending time with friends, family, and making delicious plant-based meals and snacks! I am super passionate about cooking and eating well.

My personal philosophies include...people are inevitable, so embrace them. The mark of a strong person is the seeking or granting of forgiveness. Be happy about the big, and even happier about the small. Look outside for inspiration, and inside for answers.  Be yourself, unapologetically so. 

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