Welcome to my site! I am a Rhode Island native and a self-taught resin artist.


I hold a BS in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, & Design and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Rhode Island (URI). Although I've always loved fashion and being creative, I was honestly terrible at sewing in school.

Hey there,

I'm Andrea Mason.

I began to work with resin during the first lockdowns of Covid. I was inspired by a vase of yellow roses sitting on my kitchen table.  With nothing but time on my hands, I bought a resin kit online and began to play. The next thing I knew, I was preserving wedding and funeral flowers for friends, and making all sorts of bright and colorful creations with flowers I found in the garden or locally around the beaches of Rhode Island. 

Once I began selling my pieces, I decided to leave behind my old business  (I used to provide astrology and tarot readings!), commit myself to creating and selling artwork.


My work is inspired by nature, and my own inner journey of remembering and revering God as Creator of all things.  With each piece I aim to inspire awe and wonder in viewers.  I hope each piece can bring someone to remember the beauty and majesty of the world that God has created for us.  

For now, I specialize in preserving wedding and funeral flowers. I also create original pieces which are available in my online store.

I accept bigger custom projects for furniture on a rolling basis.  For a larger piece, or a wedding or funeral flower piece, you may submit an application request with your project idea on the "Contact" page above. 

- Andrea Lee Mason