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  • What design options are available to me if I drop off my fresh flowers to you?
    You can choose between any design I offer: the 13 inch agate tray, coaster set, or pyramid options. You will need to know what design(s) you would like beforehand, because I will dry your fresh flowers according to your design choice(s).
  • Will you accept leftover flowers I have from a wedding or funeral?
    Yes! I work mostly with bridal bouquets and sympathy flowers. I am also open to working with flowers from any event or occasion that are special to you.
  • I have dried flowers at home from my wedding that took place months or years ago. Can I still send them to you to put in resin?
    Yes! You can put them in a box along with some tissue paper or bubble wrap and ship them to me at: Andrea Mason, 140 Boon Street, Narragansett RI 02882. Because your flowers are already dried, your preservation option is a 3D pyramid. I cannot press dry flowers to make a flat piece (like a tray or coasters), as they will crumble. Check out your size and price options on the "Floral Preservation" page under the "Art" tab.
  • How long does the creation process take?
    It takes 2 weeks to dry your flowers, and 4-6 weeks for creation. So up to 2 months total from start to finish.
  • Do you work with dried or fresh flowers?
    I will work with both. I will accept fresh flowers from your event if you are able to drop them off to me at my studio 1-3 days following your event. To arrange a time to drop off you flowers at my studio, you must use the contact form on the "Floral Preservation" page under the "Art" tab. I will be in touch via email within 1-2 business days. Otherwise, I will accept dried flowers, shipped to me. Flowers can easily be dried by hanging them upside down. See the FAQs below this one for more details on that.
  • How do I hang dry flowers on my own?
    Drying your fresh flowers is super easy. They simply need to be hung upside down in a dark space for a couple weeks. Remove them from water, tie a rubber band around the base of the bouquet and hang them in the back of a closet from a wire hanger. The more you seperate the flowers and hang them individually, the better the shape of each flower will be preserved (because they will not be smushed together and drying in that arrangement). How meticulous you'd like to be in your drying process is entirely up to you!
  • How do I get my flowers to you?
    You have two options for getting flowers to me. 1.) Drop off your flowers - alive or dried - to my studio (140 Boon Street, Narragansett, RI 02882) at a pre-determined time OR 2) You can ship dried flowers to me in a box at the address above. You may only mail your dried flowers to me. I will only accept fresh flowers in-person at my studio the few days following your wedding, or whatever day you recieved them. To set up a time to meet at my studio, you must fill out the contact form on the "Floral Preservation" page under the "Art" tab.
  • What design options are available to me if my flowers are already dried?
    If your flowers are already dried, your design option is a 3D pyramid. I cannot press your flowers and create a flat piece (like a tray or coaster set) with your flowers, as they will crumble and fall apart. Only fresh flowers can be pressed. I currently offer two sizes of pyramids: 5x5 and 7x7. Pricing, pictures and more details can be found on the "Floral preservation" page under the "Art" tab on the main menu above.
  • How and when do you accept payments for custom pieces?
    I accept payments in full for custom pieces before I will begin. This is to cover cost of resin and time for drying and creating. Thank you for understanding that I am a one-woman show, and supporting my small business! Payment plans are available if need be, and can be discussed upon inquiry. Once you get in touch with me via the contact form on the "Floral Preservation" page under the "Art" tab, I will send you a quote for your design choices via email. I currently accept cash, checks, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.
  • Will you accept any other personal items to put in my resin piece?
    I will accept rocks, seaglass, rocks, cremation ashes, rings, and dog tags to add into your custom resin piece. Anything outside of this list we can discuss upon inquiry.
  • Do you accept returns, refunds or exchanges?"
    For ready to ship pieces purchased from my online shop, I am happy to accept returns for ready a full refund if you are dissatisfied with your piece. All requests for a return and refund must be emailed to WITHIN 30 DAYS of purchasing your piece, and no damaged piece will be accepted for a return or refund. This policy applies only to pieces purchased in my shop, and not to custom orders. I do not currently accept exchanges. Each piece is hand-made and unique, and as such, varies in price depending on flowers, crystals and colors used. I am, however, happy to accept a return for a full refund and work with you again to make a custom piece that will make you smile. For custom pieces, I cannot issue a return if you are unhappy with your piece. I am, however, willing to work with you again to make something that is closer to your vision. Please email me within 30 days of recieving your piece to let me know that you are disatisfied, and I will be more than happy to work something out with you. ​
  • How do I store my fresh flowers in between my event and dropping them off to you?
    The best way to store your fresh flowers after your wedding or event is to keep them in a vase of water in the fridge. Cut off the ends of the stalks to ensure they're drinking fresh water. Then, on the day you drop them off, bring them in a jar/vase/bucket of water. If you know you'd like a pyramid, you may also choose to dry your own flowers at home and then mail them to me. This is best if you live far away from Rhode Island. For instructions on how to do that, see the question below.
  • Is resin toxic?
    Resin is only toxic when it is being mixed, poured, and when it is curing. Your fully cured pieces are no longer giving off fumes and are therefore, not toxic. All the resin I use in my pieces is food-grade, meaning you may safely use your trays and boards as serving or charcuterie boards.
  • Will resin last forever?
    Resin is extremely durable. If left in direct sunlight, however, it will begin to yellow over time. Therefore, keep your pieces indoors. I use epoxy resin with UV protectant for tabletops, so they will endure for a long time before yellowing, if you choose to place them outdoors on a patio or porch.
  • What can be put in resin?
    Anything dried or solid can be put in resin. Items that I have used in my pieces include but are not limited to: rocks, seashells, sand, crystals, dried flowers, mica, gold flakes, dog tags, rings, and pressed leaves. Living flowers should not be put in resin as they will die in the piece and turn brown. Paper can be put in resin so long as it is encased or laminated.
  • Can resin break?
    Resin is extremely durable. However, it can get scratched or cracked if dropped on a hard surface so handle your pieces with care.
  • Is resin like glass?
    Resin, once cured, is solid, clear and hard similar to appearance and weight in glass. However, it is much more durable than glass.
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